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About Me

  • Full Name:Ali Katiraei
  • Phone:(+98) 936 314 7145
  • Email:alikatiraei96@gmail.com
  • Website:alikatiraei.com

Personal Abilities

Problem Solver80%

patience and perseverance and experience use the first solution to the problem

Want to Learn90%

it is never too late to learn

Like Teaching100%

to raise the level of knowledge of the team

Team Work80%

the fastest way to develop a project

As a student at university, I learned programming and became so interested in it that after one year I was hired by the first official company with the help of my professors and began programming professionally. It was there that my story began!

Developing new ideas, exploring new technologies, and solving challenging problems is what I love doing. Even though I am not the smartest person, I am super determined. It does not matter what I do, if I set a goal, I will achieve it. Aside from enjoying the journey, I also enjoy the destination.

My career has taken me from a small company of three to large organisations working with great people. To provide technical solutions and reliable services, I have designed, implemented and tested various web back-end and front-end projects. In addition to maintaining and optimizing legacy monolithic applications with zero tests, I have experience with modern technologies that have been thoroughly tested.

Besides working, I'm an avid traveler, a teacher who exposes everything I learned to those eager to learn, and a foodie who loves to cook.

Having coffee with new people is also one of my favorite things to do. Alternatively, you can contact me via @alik_75 on Telegram or at alikatiraei96@gmail.com.

I am proficient in the following areas:

Managing people and technical solutions: leading the development of new features, performing coding reviews, writing documentation, and mentoring software developers
Programming / markup languages: A good knowledge of JavaScript/TypeScript, PHP, HTML, CSS, Python and Java.
Web frameworks: Laravel, Express / Node.js, Django, Reactjs, Nextjs , Bootstrap
Databases / Caching: MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, SQLite, Redis, Memcached
Infrastructure: CI / CD, Docker, Kubernates, Nginx, Apache, PM2
Testing: Unit testing, Cross-Browser testing, performance testing
Other: GraphQL, API integration, MVC design, OOP, microservices, SEO

My Resume

  • Work Experience

  • Full Stack Developer

    Ebtekar Ertebat Parsian
    Jul 2023 - Present

    Redesign and redevelop an old online shop (beta.polvar.com), which my team and I previously implemented (polvar.com), to enhance its performance and usability for selling mobile phones.

  • Fullstack developer & Technical lead

    Vira Madar
    Jun 2020 - Jul 2023

    My main responsibilities were hardening and development product, including API integrations, new modules, enhancements and technical support. This shaped my skills in areas such as MVC architecture and OOP. Additionally, making the code and database calls as efficient as possible were essential to harness big data.

  • Backend Developer

    Padide IT
    Jan 2020 - Jun 2020

    Backend developer for two Android apps using PHP and Laravel Devops and maintenance of ubuntu vps

  • Full Stack Developer

    Apr 2018 - Aug 2019

    Redesign and reconstruction of parsiah website base on laravel framework & react.js

  • Android & Web developer

    Aug 2016 - Mar 2018

    his company was the beginning of my work in the field of web and Android programming and I implemented various websites with the help of the Laravel framewor

  • Web developer & Content producer

    Datis Language Academy
    Aug 2019 - Jun 2020

    Production and editing of English language educational videos along with content production, management in social networks, Implementation and design of Datis academy website

  • Education

  • Master

    Isfahan University of Technology (IUT)
    Jan 2018 - dec 2021

    Study on cancer and related data using text mining techniques. also TA for software enginearing course.

  • Bachelor

    Shahrekord University
    Aug 2014 - Sep 2018

    Analyze financial management systems and build management software. TA for about 7 course.

My Services

Backend development

Various online shops, reservation, special design, special architecture websites base on Node.js, Laravel and Django

Frontend Development

Implementation of websites based on HTML, CSS, Vanilla JS, React.js and Nextjs

Project Management

Designing and organizing a software project step by step, especially in the field of website design

Database Designer

Implementation and optimization of various databases depending on the needs of a project

Scrum Master

Management of the product team and its development with the help of agile method


Teaching different programming languages and technologies from basic to advanced such as Laravel, Nodejs, C++, Java, Python and etc



Laravel, PHP80%

Node.js, Express.js, Nest.js70%

Django, Python60%


HTML, CSS, Vanilla JS, Jquery90%

React.js, Next.js70%



Mysql, Sql Server, PostgreSQL, SQLite70%



Data Analyse

Python Jupyter Notebook, R60%

Data Mining & Machine Learning50%

Text Mining, NLP, Topic Modeling, LDA70%


Adobe Premiere50%

Adobe Photoshop60%

Adobe After Effect30%

Other Tech

Java, C#, C++60%

Assembly, Micro Controller, C40%

Network & Socket Programming50%

OOP, MVC, Micro Service70%


IPRIA 2017

3rd International Conference on Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis as an organizer

Union of computer science

Participated in the first union of computer scientific associations of Iranian universities as an organizer

Android programming competitions

Achieving the fifth rank in country and second in my province for Android programming competitions

Top student

Top student for four semesters and one of the most talented and accepted without exam in the master's degree of Isfahan University of Technology

Teacher Assistant

Experience being a TA for more than 7 different courses, including basic and advanced programming, algorithm design, simulation, Java programming

Computer Science Forum

Main voluntary member of Shahrekord University (SKU) Computer Science Forum for 2 years

Keep in toach!

If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door.

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